Friday, 31 January 2014

Weigh in - Progress

Time for the weekly weigh in to see how much difference ive made.

1.5kg and 1% body fat.

Not bad for the first week. (see chart above)
All I did was drink less beer and consciously remove all sugars from my diet whilst eating slightly better meals. I also increased saturated fats and protein, as Im a Protein Type  .
Started drinking more tea ie. Yerba Mate and some liver detox tea in the mornings before breakfast.
Ive cut down the coffee to one a day, and usually around mid morning.
Still tons of room for improvement though.

Exercise plan is still just one evening a week of Shaolin Kung Fu, and daily Intuflow Beginner Program, although ive been a bit slack this first week.

Also in the chart above Ive started to track my progress in horse stance. Low with arms out, like this Photo of Jackie Chan from the movie Drunken Master, however arms out to the side as opposed to the front.
I test the times with a stop watch after going through Intuflow program and basic Shaolin warm up so im not doing it on cold muscles.

This is all for my own benefit, you can track anything you want really. But tracking on graphs such as above helps to keep motivated and stay focused. Plus its proof that what you are doing is actually doing something positive.

I need to focus on..
- Improving my diet plan, (Way less beer. )
- more exercise between Shaolin classes ie. walking, running, sprinting, jumping, plyometrics for jump height and anaerobic interval training for lung capacity and power..

Till next time.

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