Monday, 15 September 2014

Shaolin Week 34. No I haven't quit.

Shaolin Kung Fu Week 34. 8th - 14th September 2014

The past (missing) 14 weeks have been intensely busy.
I've been sick 3 times (from burning the candle ie  missing sleep).
Training up to 4 days a week, as well as working at QUT full time hours
and running a coffee roasting company I started 12 months ago.
Plus after spending every spare moment with my wife and daughter, there has just not been any time to write things down on a website.
But I'm still at it and lets be sure I haven't quit.

Weight 78kg. 10% bodyfat.
Core is a lot stronger.
Flexibility is a lot better both static and dynamic.
And  feel generally a lot stronger.
Ankle injury has completely healed now and have strengthened the area a great deal.

I've also been chosen to join the Sholin Kung Fu Guan performance team and officially represent the Shaolin temple here in Australia which is a huge honour . Not to mention an excuse to work a lot harder. Training 1 to 2 session a day 3 days in a row makes a huge difference and how fast I'm progressing.

I have also officially started learning to speak Mandarin, not just learning bits and pieces here and there.

A few of the guys from the Shaolin school are heading over to the temple in China next month, but I cant make it this time round. Have already started saving to make it there next time in 2016. By then I aim to have a firm grasp on the language which will add to the experience.

I'll try to keep up with the blog from now. Its mainly for my own reference anyhow.

Zài Jiàn