Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Shaolin day 1

I tried as hard as I could to come up with an excuse to not do this. One of the hottest days this summer but I still had to go through with it. After a full days work in the heat I headed on over to the facility at Mt Gravatt.
I was early so looped the block a few times to sus out the place and talked my self into going through with it.
I was nervous yes, new school, new people, new style and after all its been 7 years of beer drinking since I last exerted myself.

But that all changed the second I walked through the door. Greeted with a welcoming smile from Sifu Ramesh Patel I instantly felt good about the whole thing. I like this place. Calm Chinese music quietly piping through the air, im suddenly looking forward to it.

After the initial class greeting its onto basic jogging warm up. I remember this, but I forgot what happens after. A few more warm up exercises, not to unlike what I had done in the past, then It was onto the drills.
DAMN. I really DID forget about this bit.

Straight in the deep end. Kicks, jumps up and down the hall, over and over, new techniques which were this time quite different than my past training, yet far more efficient, I found the style impressive. I was initially reverting back to old habits however these were swiftly corrected . I learnt a lot from this first day.

If that makes it sound easy, it was NOT!
I was exhausted almost instantly,  Barely got through the first 20 mins, severe loss of breath, dizzy and felt like throwing up, I had definitely lost all my stamina, and in the end, I didnt manage to complete the first session.

After walking it off, getting the blood flowing again, and regain my breath, we finished the class with some basic style demos and practice.
After , I was advised to take a hot shower and rub in tiger balm especially the quads.
and after that I attempted to walk to my car.
Both eye opening and exhausting, this first day was well worth it, and thus begins my obsession with Shaolin Kung Fu.

Key points I need to work on.

- Lung capacity.
- General stamina

Next session Tuesday 28th Jan. Looking forward to it.

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