Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Shaolin Day 2

Expecting to be drilled hard again, I was far more prepared.
Timed my meals for the day so I was well digested for the session and kept hydrated throughout the day.
For the session I prepared a diluted mix of about 200ml of electrolyte style premix (gatorade) with about 1 Litre of clean filtered rain water. I almost passed out last week and lost a lot of fluid so wasn't about to let that happen again.

Ive also been working on breathing exercises to increase lung capacity throughout the week .

But then the Training session was very different this week. The warm ups and drills were the same however just when I thought we were about to get to the hard stuff we stopped, formed a circle and and had a series of techniques explained to us. Some history, reasons why we use these techniques and different levels of application. ie. disable an attacker so one can escape to breaking the arm of a weapon wielding assailant.
And then we split up with partners to practice.

I like this place even more now. The teaching style so calm and although I found it difficult to get my head around some of the techniques at first , I remember everything that as taught. I even dreamt about it that night.

Looking forward to next week. Give it another week or 2 to get my lung capacity and stamina back up, and Ill start training 2 days a week.

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