Saturday, 25 January 2014

Back to the basics

Time to start all over again. Re-tweaking my diet is first on the agenda.
I don't have any 'belief' systems when it comes to food, I just eat according to what makes me feel amazing.

To start, I re took the Metabolic typing test. Every ones body is very different and requires different diets to function properly, and metabolic typing tests are one of the best ways to find out how your body functions.

Its not a diet as such, and the word 'diet' its self is misused these days. A diet simply means what you eat. You don't go ON a diet as that leads to coming OFF a diet. and since most 'Diets' are designed treating everyone the same, they don't work for most people.

As usual , my result leaned heavily to the protein type. I've known this for years though.
When I first changed my diet to focus on protein and remove sugar of all types, I did it over 6 months and constant consultation
with my doctor and monthly blood tests. In the end both me and my doctor were very impressed with the results. As my doctor said at the time "your last blood test came back perfect"

Main thing I need to focus on.
- cutting down on Beer and Alcohol intake.
- being more conscious of removing sugar from my diet.
- removing more starchy and 'empty' carbs from my diet.

Here's what my Protein chart will look like From Dr Mercola's website . Remember this is just a guide and if you need to tweak your diet more, start a diet diary so you start to take notice of how you feel on certain foods. ie. if you have a meal and fall asleep, you are probably eating the wrong thing.

If you want to know more about metabolic typing try this book. Metabolic Typing diet which has the typing test in it,  and there is a free Typing test on Dr Mercolas Website . Or if you are not confident in learning this your self, please consult an experienced Nutritionist.

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