Friday, 24 January 2014

The first Weigh in

Sill hurting from Tuesdays training session, I thought Id better get a weigh in and find my fat % as a starting reference. All you need is standard scales and body measuring calipers to do this.
Back when I used to train I managed to get myself to around 72kg and 8% body fat, in the end mostly through diet as my back injury meant I was only able to do light exercise such as intermediate Intuflow .
I tracked everything using a spreadsheet and graphs, see image above.
The caliper charts I use put you in a general area of % which is why it drops in chunks.

Todays weigh in .

85kg     16.8% body fat. 

Not a bad start considering the amount of beer Ive been drinking.
that's almost back where I was at the start of 2007.

My first goal from this is to loss the body fat and some over all weight, then working building muscle.
As these processes are completely opposite, its impossible to do both at once. "Fat loss requires a Calorie deficit and muscle gain requires a Higher calorie intake.
The main thing to focus on with food is high nutritional value. so you are still getting all the nutrients while eating smaller meals.
Another trick ill be using is calorie tapering. Largest meal for breakfast , medium for lunch and small for dinner."

17-02-2014 UPDATE: I now know this to be completely untrue. You do not need less calories to loose fat but quite the opposite . The part about nutritional value is correct. high nutrients and and more frequent meals . This raises and supports your metabolism which in turn burns more calories. Calorie tapering isn't necessarily true either however one should still work towards correct timing of meals. I strongly recommend downloading and reading Scott Sonnons FREE nutritional guide as its loaded with information to help you understand your own body both mentally and physically.

- Ideally this process should burn fat, and maintain lean mass as much as possible. Without measuring Body fat percentage, theres no way of telling if you are burning fat or loosing muscle.
- Weigh and caliper yourself first thing in the morning , after going to the toilet and before eating or drinking anything. This is the most neutral time to do so as it eliminates any outside weight such as liquids or food.
- Only weigh your self once a week, even though the morning is most neutral, there is still fluctuation day to day. Weighing weekly is all that is needed and stops you from worrying when you notice a kg difference here and there , it maybe down to a large meal, lots of water or dehydration .

PS. my legs hurt so bad I can hardly walk for the past 2 days.

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