Sunday, 9 March 2014

Shaolin Kung Fu week 7

I'm now training 2 to 3 days a week. Although I CAN train every day if I wanted to, I like to have days off to recover and heal .

Tuesday session I wasn't feeling great to start with. I didn't have enough food for the day so I broke my clean eating diet and got some spring rolls from the local take away. Wasn't much to them but they completely zapped my energy. Gave me stomach and digestion issues and just felt all round bad. Not a great start for training. I also wasn't feeling emotionally well at the time, not sure if the food triggered this as well or just contributed to bringing these issues to the surface.
Ive been studying CST much more and now at the Prasara Yoga phase. I didnt understand this much back when I was studying before but made much more sense now.  Learning about emotional attachment to physical tension and starting to try and understand the source of the tension within my own body. Mainly hip and sacrum area which I've had for years and contributed to my injuries from 7 years ago. More on this in another post as it requires a LOT of explanation and I'm only just brushing the surface at the moment.

But because of this I decided to try and release some of the tension before the training session. Already feeling bad, I completely forgot the advice . "only focus on yoga tension release practise at the end of the day as you will be mentally and physically exhausted from it, and pretty much useless for anything else. ."
Whoops. I could hardly get through the training session. Even duck walking was difficult as I couldn't even keep balance and kept falling over.
I felt pretty bad about this and it wasn't until I got home I reflected on what had happened during the entire day and worked on a plan to improve where I had failed.

- Don't do Yoga before a training session.
- Don't eat low quality food, its not worth it.

Wednesday, after a good passive recovery sleep, I felt a lot better about everything. Spent an hour in the evening working on more of the hip release yoga and after, I felt mentally amazing and had opened up my range of motion almost twice what it was before hand. Quite incredible really. Then more sleep.

Thursday session, I was much more prepared. Eating good food, well timed throughout the day and energy was through the roof. I also felt much better mentally as I'd worked through a lot of the the source of tension in the hips. It was a very good training session over all, and was given new forms to practise.
Felt great the whole drive home.. Massive improvement from Tuesdays session due to the work I had done Wednesday night. I really need to delve deeper into Prasara yoga . And I will.

Saturday was a Tumbling and acrobatics class. Back when I had the injuries I had just started to train in Gymnastics , but this was only very brief due to divorce and other circumstances. This is another reason I wanted to start fresh with Shaolin Kung Fu as it has all the benefits of an efficient martial art with all the acro elements of gymnastics.
I did make the mistake of thinking this would be easier than the straight Kung Fu classes as its all ages so we have ages 4 and up. However this was the most intense session so far. So many plyometric jumping drills and core exercises. I did manage to learn how to do a nice handstand that I was incapable of before the class. Main thing I need to focus on from this is the cartwheel . Easy as kids but much more difficult as an adult.
I was curling up into a ball rather than outstretched legs and landing on my arse.  This is another issue relating to the hip / sacrum tension.
All in all it was a great week of training, and looking forward to another week ..

The training week now looks like this
All at the same place. Shaolin Kung Fu Guan in Brisbane's south side.

Tuesday - Kung Fu 5:30-6:30 .
                and about to start Wushu 7:45 - 8:45
Wednesday -  4:30am Active Recovery .
Thursday - Kung Fu 5:40 - 6:30
Friday - Active Recovery
Saturday - Tumbling and Acrobatics 10:00 - 11:00am
Sunday - Active recovery
Monday - Active Recovery

By active Recovery I mean an Intuflow CST session just after I wake in the morning.
This makes a massive difference to how fast I heal and recover from intense training sessions.
I now also practise Prasara Yoga last thing at night to release emotional tension mainly in my hip / sacrum as its been a problem most of my life.

Will be interesting to see how this pans out over the coming weeks.

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