Thursday, 6 March 2014

Weigh in week 7

Little more progress this week. Ive started training more, so no real progress on the horse stance as I'm still sore and recovering from last training session. I should see an improvement on this in the coming week once my body has dealt with it. Still no running as Its not necessary with all the extra Shaolin training. Exhale time was much less for some reason. not sure.

I'm probably going to stop measuring the run distance and exhale time as i don't really need to monitor this.

Diet has improved. No alcohol for 2 weeks now and don't really feel like it any more.

I'm pretty busy so Ive been pre preparing everything and taking meals with me to work places and in the car as I drive around 1000km a week or more.

My basic day looks like this

4:30am Wake and out of bed. Glass of clean water with fresh lemon juice. Intuflow Active recovery session
5:00am I'm usually in a rush so miss first breakfast. pack my food for the day, Make a large cup of Yerba Mate tea for the drive.
5:30am drive down town (1.5 to 2 hours.)
7:30am Eat breakfast . Fresh clean meat and veg. then start work
8:00am Cup of Liver Detox Tea
10:00am Second breakfast. Fresh clean meat and veg.
10:30am more Mate tea.
12:30pm First lunch fresh clean meat and veg
3:00pm second lunch more meat and veg
4:00pm drive home or to training
6:00pm First dinner meat and veg
8:30pm water whole Protein, wheat grass, etc as a night cap shake. then bed.

training days are fairly different. as the timing has to be perfect for my digestion and energy to be at the right level due to maximum exertion.
3-4 litres of water throughout the day. all fresh filtered rain water from my place. I take this everywhere as its awesome.  
notice there's no bread / starchy carbs / no sugar /
just varying amounts of fresh clean meat and veg either red meat or white .
all cooked in either Coconut oil or Bacon grease depending on what I'm cooking.
Red meat gives me enormous amounts of energy and I actually feel like running 10k after a meal like this.
White meat not so much, so ill be swapping out the chicken etc in favour of more read meat.
I have an iron deficiency so this is one reason I do so well.

Disclaimer. : DO NOT copy my diet.
one mans food is another mans poison.
I've spent years learning how my body operates with close monitoring from a doctor with blood tests.
This kind of diet give me personally immense energy and i feel amazing all day long free of insulin crashes. 

If you want to start this journey I recommend reading the facts in Scott Sonnons FREE 28 days primal eating guide .

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