Monday, 3 March 2014

Veggie House Stage 1

I mentioned a few weeks back we had started to grow our own food, so now its time to get stuck in and build a large scale vegetable garden.

 First we had to break up and remove all the old concrete slab. This took all day Saturday.

 We decided to recycle the concrete as a retaining wall and stepping stones rather than removing it all from site.
 Sunday, Rosanna spent building steps to the letter box and building tiers. She also turned over all the soil and removed the thousands of rocks. I built the frame work from a pile of bamboo we had stashed along the side of the house for years. I drilled holes in the bamboo and used fencing wire to tie them all together. In the end formed a very sturdy structure.

Then we added the anti bird netting . We live in a forest and the animals will eat everything if we didnt do this. Plus the chooks would dig it all up as they do. We still need some more netting other than that its ready to turn over the soil with some horse poo and get planting.
Overall this cost less than 20 bucks and a weekend of work. And Suki keeps calling it a veggie House. ha ha. So now thats its official name.

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