Saturday, 11 October 2014

Week 38. Back on the bike after several years.

Norco Storm 7.1 (2014) 17" frame
It's been 38 weeks since I started Shaolin training, and this month most of my class mates have gone to China to experience the Shaolin temple and attend the International Wushu Championships.
Because of this, training times have changed and I'm not able to make it much over the next few weeks. Its also been over 7 months since I gave up alcohol, and I've been feeling so much better I need another outlet to burn this extra energy and too keep my blood pumping during the down time of Shaolin training.

Lately I've been watching a lot of the mountain bike videos on Mpora, and Redbull's website and getting inspired to explore the trails up here on Mt Glorious. I've been running in the forest a little in the past, but a Mountain bike would be ideal for longer runs. I've pretty much grown up on bikes. My first when I was about 4 years old, through to riding the BMX and mountain bikes to work and back, and it wasn't until about 7 or 8 years ago that I stopped due to all the life changes at the time. So now its time.

First I hit up my old friend who, 7 years ago I gave my Haro freestyle vert bike. He wasn't using it so I grabbed it back and headed out for a test ride down one of the trails up here. Needless to say, the BMX is not the right bike for trails. fast downhill (and scary) but riding back up is impossible with just one gear.

So next I went to 99 Bikes with my old MTB. Its in pretty bad shape, so I wanted to see what it would take to get fixed ...  A lot. the weather up here has rusted everything that can rust. Broken spokes meant a whole new rear wheel etc. so then the next option was  to get a new bike.

After explaining what I would be up to and my price range, the guys at 99 Bikes did a full measure of my body's build. I know ,, what ? I've never had this before, but its a great service they provide.
Standing in a custom built contraption. they measure foot to shoulder, foot to groin, foot to grip and a few other odd measurements , then put all that into their computer system and it spits out a frame size and all the settings for my body type. we when chose the bike I was after and they build the bike and set it all up specifically designed for me.. I was well impressed and the bike is like nothing Ive ever  ridden .

Entry level Hardrail MTB but with the extras I need for exploring some hectic terrain.
The Norco Storm 7.1 (2014) 17" frame with Hydraulic disc breaks, 3 gears on front 9 on back.
Its very light and handles nicely. But most of all very comfortable. Thanks to the measure up at the store, I don't get a sore back or feel strain while riding, its just a very comfortable machine, which means I can focus on the ride its self.

I've also stopped using map my walk / map my ride and switched to Strava app now as most of my friends are on it. Check out my profile here and see what I've been upto.

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