Monday, 26 May 2014

Week 18 - Century Training.

My Clubbells from left to right pairs of 5lb , 10lb , 15lb , 25lb. Those 25s are monsters.  

This week Id decided to work towards getting through my first century with 10lb clubbells. Didnt exactly go to plan due to extra intensive Shaolin training but a good week non the less. 

Monday 19th May 2014 -  Rest / Active Recovery
- Intuflow Intermediate

Tuesday 20th May 2014 - Light 
- Intuflow Intermediate
- Shaolin Kung Fu Training (1 hour )
This was intense, more so than normal. After all the normal training, we then split up into groups for some anaerobic competition . Exhausting but got through it and our group got second out of 4 groups so not to bad.
Overall my ankle is still healing but I did much better. can feel jumps getting higher and kicks getting batter with straight back.

Wednesday 21st May 2014 - Medium
Already fatigued from yesterday I really should have just done another light day.
I really wasnt feeling it so did what I could without destroying myself.
As Follows.
- Intuflow Intermediate (as a warm up)  with extra ankle circles.
- Swept the Decks
- Shaolin Stretch routine ( not for warm up, just for my own goals)
wanted to do 3 sets of the following but just got through one set and fatigued.
Also started on 15lb clubs but need to go back to 10lb for a while still.
- Mills x 12 - 15lb Club
- Pencil jumps x 20m
- Front Pendulum to back x 12 - 15lb Clubbells
- Frog Jumps x 20m
- Side Torch x 12 - 15lb Clubbells
- Front Kick x 20m
- Wide pushup x 12
- Outside Kick x 20m
- Diamond Pushup x 12
- Punch kick x
After a short break I started to feel pretty good but bored with the routine so just played around a bit with weapons. Swords / Sticks / etc. then attempted still like walking hands and feet down sets of stairs (thats really hard by the way) . by then it was dark so called it a day.

Thursday 22nd May 2014 - Peak
So this was supposed to be a peak
training day but again I should have just rested. but i was keen to attempt my first century with the 10lb clubbells. Didnt make 100 with each exercise as planned but still made the century within time.
- Intuflow Intermediate ( as a warm up)
- Dynamic stretch routine.
- Mills Right arm  10lb Clubbell - 60 / 15 / 25 - Left Arm 70 / 13 / 17  - 8mins 50 seconds.
- Swipes both arms together 10lb Clubbells - 25 / 25 / 25 / 25  - 7mins 53 seconds
Doesnt sound like  much but this is a record for me. to get to single set of 60 and 70 is awesome.
Trying not to totally run myself into the ground I stopped at that for the day.
Main weakness is my hands and grip strength. I could have easily done 100 solid mills each arm if my hands were less like a princess. so will be working on that over the next few weeks.

Friday 23rd May 2014 - Rest / Active Recovery
- Intuflow Intermediate.
had a bit of a twinge in my back / neck. not sure if this is from all the training or some imbalance ive overlooked somewhere in my body. Neck is really sore. Im thinking it may be due to tense shoulders which ive come across during Tai Chi practice.

Saturday 24th May 2014 - Rest / Active Recovery
- Intuflow Intermediate

Sunday 25th May 2014 - Rest Active Recovery
Just a total rest day today.
Did some transverse abdominis exercises in the evening to help support my back. Everyone should do TA exercises every day. My physio told me that a weak TA is the main reason for everyones back pain and constant re injuries. Its also the reason I had a back injury for 4 years. and wasnt until I herniated a disc when I thought I was healed, that I went to a sports specialist physio and he solved all my problems.

I need to get more rest, and design a smarter program for my self. We weeks are really busy and really hard to make time to get through all this. I end up leaving it to late to put a program together and then have to rush it out just before I do it.
Also, this is exciting news,  I discovered on Sunday that my head coach Scott Sonnon is returning to Australia, and conducting certification seminars in my local city Brisbane this coming December. So Stoked. Ill be well equipped to take on Instructor Certifications is Tacfit / Clubbell Athletics and Flowfit. Perfect timing Scott. So starting to save the cash now. Cant wait. Last time I trained with Scott and Joe Wilson in sydney was a total life changer.

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