Monday, 19 May 2014

Week 17 - Regular Day to Day Training Integration

I've found setting micro goals each week works better than just going through the training for the sake of it. So this week I've started Integrating my Shaolin training I've learnt so far, into my day to day life. Its funny , I wrote this on Monday the 12th and during Tuesdays Shaolin Training, Ramesh talked about just this concept. . Although he was talking more about integrating the disciplines, confidence, fearlessness etc. where as I was thinking more of the basic physical things. for example, Rather than simply bending over to pick something up from the floor, Id use stances.
Hanging out washed clothes and picking up from the basket on the ground I'd use cross step, to bend down.
Opening the huge pots and pans draw I'd use a full low Horse stance.  etc. Not quite as drastic as the front stance to the fridge though. ha.

Also this week I'm continuing to experiment with the Light, medium, peak training days in a row with 4 days rest / active recovery. . As I'm growing Ill need to make it more challenging. So see how this plan goes.

Mon 12 - May 2014 - Rest
- Intuflow Intermediate

Tue 13 - May 2014 - Light 
- Intuflow Intermediate
- Shaolin Kung Fu Training (1 Hour anaerobic)

Wed 14 May 2014 - Medium
- Intuflow Intermediate
- Clubbells 10lb
  Just a light one in the arvo before heading to training.
  3 Sets of the following. Each set consists of each exercise one after the other. Then 30second break between sets. Sounds easy but makes you sweat.
  -  Mills x 12 each side - 10lb Clubbells
  - Ankle press inner x 12
  - Ankle press outer x 12 (still strengthening after recovery from sprain)
  - Flag Press x 12 each side - 10lb Clubbells
  - Reverse Parry cast x 12 each arm 10lb Clubbells
Shower before training.
- Chen Style Tai Chi (1 Hour)
- Shaolin Kung Fu (1 Hour Anaerobic)

NOTES: good day. this works well and a good progression for me at my current stage.
Improving on the jump twisting movements in Shaolin training. which is why Im doing lots of clubbell flag presses, strengthening the core and back with weighted twisting movements.

Thu 15 May 2014 - Peak
- Intuflow Intermediate (as a warm up)
- Shaolin Stretch Routine (only to reach that full split goal)
- 3 Sets of the following. Each set consists of each exercise one after the other. Then 30second break between sets. (although I needed a bit more towards the end heh. was tough.
Total time from warm up to end 1 Hour 29 minutes.
This was intense. I also had to break up the final sets into 20 / 14 with a 30 second break between to make the 34. But I made the century for each clubbell exercise with the 10 pounder. which is a record for me.
Felt amazing after this and ran & Jumped around with Suki (my Daughter) for 20 mins after finishing.
I programmed this exercise to help strengthen my ankles and lower legs (so no more sprains)
Plus to strengthen whole body as support for Shaolin / Wushu / Chen Tai Chi practice.

Fri 16 May 2014 - Rest
- Intuflow Intermediate
 Bit sore from yesterday but doing fine.

Sat 17 May 2014 - Rest
- Intuflow Intermediate

Sun 18 May 2014 - Rest
- Intuflow Intermediate
Swept the whole outside of the house again as I started last week, and washed the car. Doesn't sound like much but since we live on a dirt road, I have NEVER washed the car as it just gets dirty straight away.
However ... Because we also live in a rain forest, the weather has been unkind to the cars paint job. The entire surface of the car was covered in this hard black powdery stuff which took 2 hours to scrub off. Was an intense work out in the likes of wax on wax off kind deal so its worth a mention.

Although I've stopped recording my weekly weight. Out of curiosity I  weighed myself and fat% on Sunday morning and I've lost another 2 kg. Now at 78kg . Gaining muscle and eating way more than I was a few weeks ago which is getting expensive. Only eating clean foods . Good quality meat and veg. Scratch made meals. and no processed anything. plus no refined sugar at all, and no alcohol. Don't even feel like drinking any more. Would rather drink herbal tea.  Ha Ha what happened ?  Have way more energy because of it , its just costly. Although I were to be using supplements in place of real food. it would cost far more. Not its not that bad.

This weeks 3 days on was awesome. Gained a ton of strength and fast. Smarter / shorter work outs are the way to go. Broke my Clubbell record this week, and wasn't that hard. But as Scott mentions in "The Big Book of Clubbells" you need to find your limit but without exhausting yourself. Idea is to build upon, as opposed to breaking your body. Looking forward to next week to break some more records on the peak training day.

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