Monday, 12 May 2014

Week 16 - Welcome to Chen Style Tai Chi

Monday - 5th May - Rest
- Intuflow Intermediate.
I also finally found an old school straw (millet) broom . They are quite hard to find around here.
and why ? yes well Shaolin Kung Fu was built around daily farming / temple chores. Like sweeping the temple paths , digging in the fields, carrying water in buckets up to the temple from the valley below. etc.
Since we do a lot of sweeping around our house Id like to get a more old school broom to sweep out huge decks paths regularly as part of my daily training. There are techniques that use a similar motion to sweeping in this manor so it might help me strengthen those techniques plus it makes for more practical exercise.
I got home and did the driveway, 100 square meters of deck, paths and stairs, and another 120 square meters of downstairs veranda. Definitely worth it. My lower back, core and shoulders are burning from that.
Will do this as much as possible. Plus it make the exterior of the house look lovely. :)

Tuesday - 6th May - Light 
- Intuflow Intermediate
- Shaolin Kung Fu Training (Week 16)
This was an intense night. Pushed to the limit. I still did pretty well, however my shins and ankles are still a problem. I also got myself some Muay Thai liniment for this problem to help warm up the area and to keep warm after training. This helped a great deal, although I need more focus on this area to strengthen.
I've also started adding a lot of CST style ankle circles to my pre training warm up routine which is helping.

Wednesday - 7th May - Medium
- Intuflow Intermediate.
- Chen Style Tai Chi (1 Hour)
- Shaolin Kung Fu (1 Hour)

This was the first time at Tai Chi. I went along early last Wednesday to check it out and looked awesome so wanted to give it a go. Similar to kung fu but much slower and flowing. I really enjoyed this and felt amazing after. Legs are burning from all the slow stances, however looking forward to more and will start integrating this into my daily routines (where possible.)

Thursday - 8th May - Peak
Had a big one planned however it didn't go to plan. I had my daughter with me all day so had to try and sneak in the workout when she was having her arvo nap.
- Intuflow Intermediate
- Shaolin Qi Drill
- Tai Chi warm up & Slow walking
- Shaolin Kicks - Front / Outside / Inside / Palm Heel / Groin Throat
Then 4 sets of the following in a row to make 100 of each.
- Double Shield Cast x 25 - 10lb Clubbell
- Shaolin Punching Drill 1  x 25
- Ankle Squats  x 25
- Shaolin Punching drill 2 x 25
- Side Torch Press  x 25 each side- 10lb Clubbell
- Ankle Circles x 25
- Horse / Front Stanch Drill x 25
- Shaolin Form 1 x 25
- Shaolin / Wushu Form 1 x 25

Only just got one full set done and Suki woke up. Doh. thats ends this set.
Was getting through it quite easily, and needed another 3 sets to make 100 of each.
Total time 1 hours 40 seconds. It was a bit of a rush to put this workout together and really should leave the Tai Chi elements for a separate rest / training day workout. It took up a lot of time which meant I missed the harder peak sets after. Think I was just keen to go over it all again as its new stuff.
Will have to wait till next week to make another peak set.
Everything I've been doing so far is making a difference. Feeling stronger, jumping higher, and ankle is almost repaired. Then its back to Wushu, and try and land those jumping spins that I stacked it on in the first place.

Friday - 9th May - Rest
- Intuflow Intermediate

Saturday - 10th May - Rest
- Intuflow Intermediate

Sunday - 11th May - Rest
- Intuflow Intermediate.
This was supposed to be a rest day but I was itching to do something physical .
So after the Intuflow warmup. I got to sweeping the decks again. (it really is a decent workout , both hands on same side, long sweeping motion) then into some kicking drills

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