Friday, 9 May 2014

New weekly routine Take 3

Sifu Ramesh Patel from Shaolin Kung Fu Guan taking classes at Buddhas Birthday Celebrations. 
Photo from Buddhas Birthday Festivals facebook page. 

I really should stop calling it a 'routine'.. Trying to plan work-outs around work is more of an organic life form as both my wife and I have such flexible work situations. So its coming down to doing what I can when ever I get a chance.

So this week I knew we were very busy, but this means ill be close to my Shaolin School at the right times so Im planning on doing as much training as possible, and see how my body can handle it.

April 28th - Monday - Rest
- Busy day totally missed doing intuflow. Gotta make time, as it only takes 15 mins.
  Rosanna's new website needed finishing so we were up all night with very little sleep (about 2 hours)
  not a great start to a workout week.

April 29th - Tuesday - Light Routine
- Intuflow intermediate
- Shaolin Kung fu (week 15)
  NOTES: Learnt 2 new techniques to work on. and felt pretty good considering only getting 2 hours sleep . Turned out to be more of a medium routine than light.  Got home 8:30pm. crashed hard. ha

April 30th - Wednesday - Medium Routine

- Intuflow Intermediate
- Shaolin Kung Fu (late session)

NOTES: This was pretty hard as I exhausted myself the day before.
Luckily we focused on wrist / punch defence take downs and pondered the question "What IS self defence"
I learnt a lot and many things to think about over the next few days. 

May 1st - Thursday - Peak Routine- Intuflow Intermediate
- New Peak routine focus on strengthening movements used for Shaolin first form and Broadsword.
As Follows
   - Shaolin kicks x 4 lengths of my deck. Front  / Outside / Inside / Throat groin / Palm Heel
   - Shaolin forms 1  x 10
   - Shaolin basic Broadsword form x 10
   - Shaolin Punching drills 1 and 2 x 1min each.
   - 30 seconds rest (geh)
   - Clubbells 10lb  5 sets all in a row, 30 second breaks between. ended up more like this.
                                                       Set      1         2        3       4         5        6
      - Double Shield cast                               20       15      20     16      16      13       (Total 100)
      - Ankle press                                         20       20     20      20      20                 (Total 100)
      - Side Torch Press left and right.             20       20     20      20      20                 (Total 100)
Total time 1h 13mins including Intuflow.

NOTES: I'm really sore now. ha . Had to do a catch up set as I couldn't handle 5 sets of 20 Double shield casts.
Reason I chose these Clubbell movements
- Double shield cast. is very similar action to some Broadsword movements.
- Ankle press - I'm still strengthening my Ankles, shins and calves.
- Side Torch Press is similar to the second movement of the first Shaolin form, which I noticed a major weakness during last weeks training.

May 2nd - Friday - Rest- Intuflow Intermediate

May 3rd - Saturday - Rest
- Intuflow Intermediate
- Day at the coast with the extended family.

May 4th - Sunday - Rest
- Intuflow intermediate
- we spent the day at Buddhas Birthday festival in Southbank.
helped out with the Shaolin market stall for a few hours and met the monks from Chung Tian Temple.
Its amazing how much respect Buddhist monks have for Shaolin. And we received warm welcomes when in their presence . Was a very insightful experience and more motivation to train harder in Shaolin style and get more involved with the Shaolin Kunbg Fu Guan events in the future.

Overall this was a good week. Workouts were good and recovery fast.
the 3 days Light medium peak then the rest of the week recovering is working wonders.
I've gained a lot of strength in the past few weeks and new muscles popping out that I've not seen before.
Next week will be quite different so will do the best with what time I have.

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