Wednesday, 30 April 2014

New weekly work out routine take two

April 21th - Monday - Light routine

- intuflow intermediate
- Clubbells 5 sets of the following with 10lb Clubs
  20 x Mills
  10 x flat foot squats
  10 x Snatch
  10 x slow side kick leg extensions (to open hips)
  10 x flag press
  15 x elevated ankle press
  30 second break

April 22nd - Tuesday - Medium Routine 
- intuflow intermediate
- Shaolin Kung Fu
  This was a very intense session so bailed on peak workout tomorrow
  as i can hardly walk.

April 23rd - Wednesday - Rest
- Intuflow Intermediate

April 24th - Thursday - Rest 
- Intuflow Intermediate

April 25th - Friday - Rest 
- Intuflow intermediate.

April 26th - Saturday - Rest 
- was too busy to even get intflow done

April 27th Sunday - Rest 
- was still to busy and recovering from 20 hour work day on saturday.

This week kind of didnt go to plan. To many interruptions with long work days, and heavier than normal
Shaolin workouts.
Next week Ill be out and about the city all week so ill attempt to do as much Shaolin Training as possible as ill be in the area. Will see how that  pans out.. Trying to fit in work outs around work and other engagements is a challenge but not impossible.

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