Thursday, 20 February 2014

Weigh in Week 5

This week I completely re built my food intake. Removed all starchy carbs and replaced with complex vegetable carbs for every meal, plus clean meats for protein. Also increased to 6-7 smaller meals a day to boost metabolism. All of a sudden I started burning off the fat at an epic rate. I've known about the 6 meal metabolism increase for years so i was keen to get that going again.
Ive also not had any beer which makes a huge difference.
Drinking heaps of different teas now including liver detox and antioxidant Yerba Mate.

Also to show just how much the right diet is key, i didn't do any walking or running. just 1 day of Shaolin Kung Fu . thats it. all the rest was food. Scott Sonnon mentions food is 85% of the battle.

most of the weigh dropped off in the past 3 days.

Horse stance has only increased a little. But thats expected as ive not been training to hard ... YET.
Resting heart rate is good. although i Might drop this from recording as its not really useful.
Max walk none. was far to busy this week. Not an excuse. I  was working massive hours. and wasn't home for any day light hours.
Breath exhalation has increases a little as my lungs have improved.

as far as the body weight im guessing it will slowdown and average out at around 75kg. and maybe 10% fat which is the goal. If I continue to eat like this (which I'm loving by the way, tasty meals every day) My body should naturally balance its self at a healthy weight. then i can focus harder on intense Kung Fu training. and get the nice high jumping springy muscles .

Loving eating all this awesome clean food. also Feel freaking amazing all the time. Energy is through the roof. I feel like doing jumping squats and frog jumps all day. Its incredible really but not surprising as ive felt like this before. Just glad I decided to get this health back.

Looking forward to this coming week. Time to get serious with Shaolin Kung Fu. My new love affair.

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