Thursday, 13 February 2014

Weigh in Week 4

Four weeks in and everything on track. I've tweaked my diet a bit this week, with no refined sugars except for about 4 x 750ml beers.

83kg - 14.5% Body Fat
Horse Stance 1min 10seconds
Resting Heart Rate - 68  
(probably due to a recent coffee)
Max Run/Walk Distance 7.88km 

and I've added Exhale time.  1 minute 5 Seconds 

This was an exercise I started doing after the first Shaolin training session, and helping a lot.
Basically inhale all the way, then exhale as slow as you can through the mouth. I could only do about 20 seconds when I first started 3 weeks ago so thats a vast improvement.

I was also planning on doing a lot more walking/running however Ive been extremely busy this week and couldnt find the time.

I also progressed to Intuflow Intermediate program during the week however I was experiencing difficulty and some mild pain so Ive gone back to the Beginner program to work on those areas.
Maily my back, hip/pelvis area which is where I was injured all those years ago. So im in no hurry to injure myself again. At least I know my limits this time around.

As far as body fat percentage I'd like to get to around 10%. and under 80kg.
Theres still a Lot of tweaking to do on my diet but im happy with how its going so far.
One step at a time.

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