Thursday, 6 February 2014

Weigh in Week 3

Time for the Weekly weigh in.

Bit of an odd result as it seams I have put on some muscle weight and still lost some body fat.
Putting on that much muscle in one week is a little unrealistic as I'm only eating fresh cooked food and no supplements or protein powders.
I'm putting this down to maybe a larger meal or water the night before.
Will have to wait and see what next weeks weigh in looks like.

Horse stance is only a little improved as my legs are still so sore from Tuesdays training session, I just couldn't hold it any longer.

I've also added some more things to track. Resting heart rate which, at 62bpm, is surprisingly low for only 3 weeks worth of work. This was counted over 3 full minutes and averaged. However came in at 62 every one of the minutes.
Also on the list is a record of longest single distance walked/jogged/run and a weekly total.
This way I can see if the level of exercise is having a direct effect on my weight/fat/lean mass.

Think ill up the level of exercise between Shaolin Training days, and tweak the diet a bit more since I'm aiming to loose some body fat first before building and strengthening muscle. I HAVE been eating a lot of Protein this week which may have contributed to the weight gain.

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