Monday, 10 February 2014

Time to GROW our food

We have been talking about having a food garden for years and being a rental property this can be a challenge. However we have talked to the landlords and we are now able to make it happen.
We have cleared an area in the front yard which gets the most sunlight throughout the day and started with a few pots. Since we live in a forest we also need to cover with wire mesh. There are lots of wild animals who love vege gardens so we have to make sure they can't get to it before we do.

Next the plan is to build raised beds out of free recycled palettes which I can get from some of the local shops. The cheaper light palettes are just rubbish they have to get rid of so most places will welcome the offer to take them away.

This is also good for the kiddies to get involved in as learning to grow food is a great set of skills to have.
Suki is loving it and being able to water and watch plants grow that she planted her self is yet another thing to keep her occupied.

So far we have chili, Mustard spinach, Tomatoes and Parsley, that's just what we had previously. We are also ordering some Heirloom Seeds online to expand our crop to silverbeet, capsicum, cabbage, etc.

Same time we were planning all of this I noticed Scott Sonnon post some links to free wellness guides on his facebook page. One being his 28 days Primal food guide. Which I thoroughly recommend as its what I work towards in my own dietary plan. . Reading through this is just another reason to get stuck into the garden.

Will post progress as we get it all happening.

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