Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Shaolin Kung Fu Day 5 (week 5)

5 weeks training at Shaolin Kung Fu Guan Brisbane, and I'm about to start increasing the training. I can now deal with the intense training sessions and recovering by the next day rather than taking 4 days to be able to walk again.
Ill only post once a week even though ill be training 3 to 4 sessions within the week.
We have now brushed on basic forms and conditioning and spend quite a bit of time practicing at home .

Areas of weakness.

- Need to focus on strengthening the hip area that caused me issues years ago. Intuflow is helping with this.
- Jumping needs improvement and focus.
- Upper body is better now but needs some serious attention as my legs have way more conditioning due to years of Taekwondo.
- More Horse Stance. You can never have enough Horse Stance.

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