Saturday, 22 February 2014

Beer no good for me

Although I have known for a while that beer has negative effects on my metabolic type. I've never really noticed much and always assume its something else causing the problem, cause Beer = yummy!
In the past I have had some reactions like sinus and hay fever type issues but that usually occurs when I'm in a dusty area so I always had the idea it could just be the dust.

As a protein type starchy / grain carbs are especially very bad for me and last night a lot was confirmed.
I've been eating varying amounts of clean veg and meat and nothing else for the past week or so. No sugar, and no beer. Then Last night (Friday) Rose and I sat down to watch a movie. I still have some lovely  preservative free craft beer I brewed from grains so its Friday night, time for a beer.

Because I've been eating clean recently I'm becoming extra sensitive to toxins .
Almost instantly while drinking the first glass. My eyes got itchy, started sneezing and back of my thoat needed scratching. you know that feeling. ? its not nice.
It was a 700ml bottle so theres a couple of glasses in there. Not wanting to waste I had the second.
After the movie we were off to bed and noticed in the mirror when cleaning my teeth by belly was very bloated, sticking out more than I could purposely push it out earlier in the day. More beer Reaction.
This was only one bottle. I used to consume 2 to 3 in a sitting, or more in a party environment.

The sad thing is now I have all this brewing gear to re purpose. 50 litre Stainless stockpots and fermenting gear. Maybe make something healthy with it. Not sure yet.

Also just this week I read about gluten problems and the symptoms were spot on to what my wife Rosanna was going through. Hay fever, tired, no energy, bloating. So she removed gluten from just one meal and almost like magic all the symtoms disappeared. She has trialed this again with a few meals. With gluten, without gluten. And even the tiniest amount of it and the symptoms came rushing back. I note this as we have been dealing with these issues for years not knowing it was food related or just how easy it was to make those issues go away. I wonder just how many people are suffering from long term problems that are simply food related , and with a change of diet (which isn't hard by the way) can be free of all those problems and get on with their life.

I'm now very interested in health tweaking and removing all the negative effects. Keeping record with a food diary is key so when you feel a certain way you can look back at your record and see what you have consumed over the past 48 hours that maybe contributing to it.

Wonder what else is holding me down. hmmm. Back to the body lab.

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